Brave Writer and the Literary Wilderness

I am trying to be brave and will put myself out there again in 2022

As many of you know, I succumbed to Covid in November and I have been struggling with fatigue and brain fog ever since, making reading and writing pretty challenging. My research has all but ground to a halt (although I did finish both Unwell Women by Dr Elinor Cleghorn and Sex Lessons from History by Fern Riddell, both of which have provided some great material for consideration in what I am tentatively calling The Web; my next work of historical fiction) and my ability to retrieve the words I want to use seems fairly impaired at times. I can only hope this period of festive resting will help me to make some significant recovery.

In spite of this, I have dragged myself from the bed to the couch today to put in some effort to collate everything I need for making a new endeavour to engage a literary agent. I have updated by writer’s CV with all the articles I was invited to write as part of my recent publicity campaign for Three with Cameron Publicity, as well as some of the recent great reviews my novel has received.

My writer CV is updated
Click the link to view my writer CV with recent reviews and articles

I am attempting to be brave in making a third attempt to secure a literary agent. Whilst I have received some positive feedback and encouragement, it really does feel like the Holy Grail. What is required is vulnerability and new writers must develop a thicker skin to navigate the rejection and stay committed to learning from criticism (something I also learn from reading some of my reviews, some of which make me groan with the inability to respond!). With Covid making me feel so poorly, I haven’t felt inclined to embrace such vulnerability but today I take the first step towards that again, even if it has mainly been administrative.

In the meantime, I am happy contemplating my characters and chatting with my husband about what I would love to see on the cover of my next book…

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I am an author from a village outside of Rugby in Warwickshire. I love historical fiction. You will find me reading, hanging out with my husband, our two sons and our little dog, baking or walking.

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