Three: Now on Sale in Eyam!

I visited Eyam last Tuesday. It was so wonderful to be back in the village, my first time since the pandemic hit and since the book existed in its finished and physical form. We enjoyed a wonderful day visiting all the places from my novel, standing in Cucklett Delph and imagining Emmott and Rowland meeting there, passing Catherine’s tomb in the churchyard, paying our respects at the Riley Graves and putting our fingers, and a coin, in the holes of the boundary stone. We spent a wonderful hour in the museum and everything was all round lovely.

Before driving home to Warwickshire, we stopped for a cup of tea and some delicious cake at the Eyam Tea Rooms. Truly a lovely establishment and run by a fabulous team of staff. If you are in Eyam for a visit, this is where you should rest your legs a while (there’s lots to see in the village, especially if you are using my map!) and enjoy the great menu and lovely service.

New version of the map showing all routes here:

You can soon buy a map from Eyam Tea Rooms to allow you to walk in the footsteps of the three protagonists from Three

I had spoken with Lesley from the tea rooms the week before about the possibility of selling my book there as she holds some stock. We had agreed to meet at 4pm (which is, incidentally, when it is more quiet) and I was honestly blown away by Lesley’s kindness, enthusiasm and absolute commitment to wanting to make my book a success. I’ve known this lady now for a week and she is right up there in my list of top humans. Three has a new cheerleader and her name is Lesley!

Eyam Tea Rooms- make sure you visit!

Anyway, long story short, my book is now available to buy from the lovely Eyam Tea Rooms (*whispers* and its cheaper than on Amazon…) and very soon you will also be able to buy a professionally printed A3 copy of the map there too, so you can walk in the footsteps of our three protagonists both before and after you have enjoyed a flat white and a Bakewell tart.

‘Three: A Tale of Brave Women and the Eyam Plague’ is now available to purchase from Eyam Tea Rooms

Visit the Eyam Tea Rooms website here:

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